Suthol Antiseptic Skin Liquid Neem / सुथॉल अँटिसेप्टिक स्किन लीक्विड नीम


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  • 100%Genuine Products from the Manufacturer. Suthol helps to disinfect & cure cuts and wounds.
  • SpraySuthol liberally on the body, after water bath.ApplySuthol as many times as needed on the skin irritations, itches and rashes,regularly for at least a week. You will find the problems to be subsiding.Incase of cuts/wounds or skin affected over a concentrated area, it helps if youwet a cotton patch liberally with Suthol, place it on the affected skin and puta clean gauge on top fixing the entire dressing with a tape. Change thisdressing twice a day, definitely after bath. Do
  • Winner of India’s Most Valuable Brand 2017-18
  • In case of minor burns, immediately wash the affected skin with Suthol directly. Do not put water. You will find the burning sensation to subside within short time and the skin get cured without boils.
  • Use Suthol as an antisepticafter shave. It takes care of the minor cuts and leaves on a refreshing feel.Suthol also helps in reducing insect bite irritations.