Pillsberry Cooker Cake Mix Choco / पिल्सबेरी कुकर केक मिक्स चॉको


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  • Celerabate every small or big occasion with an eggless home-made cake! For a rich and soft cake, just add milk & oil, steam in a cooker, and your cake is ready in minutes!
  • As someone rightly said, “Life’s too short to say no to cake”.
  • Cakes always make everything better! Make a delicious cake using our Pillsbury Choco Cooker Cake
  • 159 gm pack that can makes 6 cake slices in cooker
  • This is the easiest way to bake a cake- Anyone can Cake!. Gets ready in 10 min. Definitely a must try for beginners and people with no time
  • Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to bring a smile to your loved ones face by surprising with a delicious cake made in a cooker? Now, everyday moments become special with Pillsbury Cooker cakes.
Cake Ingredients

270 g