Parachute Advanced Jasmine / पॅराशुट अँडव्हान्स जास्मिन


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  • Parachute advansed jasmine coconut hair oil nourishes and strengthens your hair to give it a healthy shine
  • Moisturises and protects your hair from root to tip to give you strong, silky and shiny hair
  • Coconut oil enriched with goodness of jasmine extracts and vitamin E in a light, non sticky format
  • Penetrates 10 layers inside the hair and reduces hair breakage and hair fall
  • Parachute Advansed Jasmine hair oil gives soft, shiny hair with a pleasant fragrance
  • Light and non-sticky hair oil perfect for daily use keeps your hair refreshed day long
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190 ml, 300 ml, 45 ml, 500 ml, 90 ml