Paper Boat Til Chikki / पेपर बोट तीळ चिक्की


  • Long time, no chikki. Meet your old friend, a treasured treat from years gone by, Sesame Chikki. Just this time, it is not glistening through the glass jars in the Kirana Store and you don’t have to throw a tantrum to Maa to buy you some
  • Sesame Chikki aka til,tila, ellu chikki is an authentic Indian snack touted for its unique taste, crispiness and aroma. Imagine the heavenly taste of golden roasted sesame seeds melded with the finest jaggery simply melting in your mouth
  • If you were to list down your most coveted snacks, make sure to add Sesame Chikki on your speed dial. It is as healthy as it is tasty which makes it the perfect snacking partner, be it between-the-meals-munchies or post-meal-sweet-cravings
  • Paper Boat Sesame Chikki is a source of dietary fiber, which is great for digestion and ensures regular bowel movements. Source of antioxidants, it also makes a yummy supplement for essential body proteins
  • No cheeky business. Paper Boat Sesame Chikki is absolutely free from artificial ingredients and preservatives