Paper Boat Peanut Chikki / पेपर बोट पिनट चिक्की


  • We, Indians love our dry fruits as much as we love our movies, cricket, and festivals. Which is why we present to you just the thing your palate was longing for, Paper Boat Dry Fruit Chikki
  • Crunchy cashews, almonds, and pistachios of the highest quality melded with fine jaggery to create a snack that is the gold standard in health and flavour
  • It is trans-fat free and a rich source of protein. It’s almost impossible to believe something this tasty can be so healthy
  • Source of dietary fiber, Paper Boat Dry Fruit Chikki also keeps the tummy happy and healthy
  • No added preservatives, colours, and flavours, Paper Boat Chikki like our other products is made of all natural ingredients