One Drop Fevikwik Glue / वन ड्रॉप फेविक्विक ग्लु


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  • These are multipurpose fevikwik gel having a strong bond and are known for their instant sticking. They are acid free pressure sensitive and safer than a hot glue gun
  • It has a strong bond that helps stick a variety of materials. Fevikwik gel being used on multiple surfaces with varied substrates as embellishments
  • Apart from the rotational opening and easy to apply functionality this gel provides you a smooth applying experience without much hassle
  • Ideal for various arts crafts displays at homes offices retail malls banks. It can be used on a variety of surfaces like wood rubber cartboard metal ceramics and plastics
  • Fevikwik gel is a glue that has a superior quality in terms of bonding non-toxic non-staining and hygiene

1 pc