Lifebuoy Active Silver Soap / लाइफबॉय ऍक्टिव्ह सिल्वर सोप


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  • Lifebuoy Total / Total 10 Soap, 100% stronger protection from infection causing germs
  • With Activ Silver Formula – the powerful germ protection formula to fight against stronger germs
  • Protects you and your family members from germs which cause common illnesses and infections like flu, cough, cold, skin infections, rashes and stomach infections as well as stronger infections like Swine Flu (H1N1)
  • Lifebuoy, World’s Number 1 selling Germ Protection Soap
  • Lifebuoy is approved by the Royal Society for Public Health, London
  • As per lab test on indicator organism as compared to soap bar without actives

56 g