Kelloggs Muesli Fruit Magic / केलॉग्स मुसळी फ्रुट मॅजिक


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  • Kellogg’s muesli with 24% fruit magic is an indulgent combination of select ingredients for your discerning palate
  • Four nutritious grains (wheat, oats, rice and corn) and four delicious inclusions (papaya, apple, peach and raisins) come together to give you an unparalleled taste experience
  • A quick, convenient and irresistible breakfast option that provides b group vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 & folate), vitamin c, iron and fibre for a nourishing start to the day
  • Naturally cholesterol free breakfast cereal                                          Kelloggs,Keellogas Muesli,Musali Fruit,Falance Magic,Mageec
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240 g, 500 g