Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass Jojoba Body Wash / फ़ियामा शॉवर जेल लेमनग्रास जोजोबा बॉडी वॉश


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  • Rejuvenated Skin – Infused with natural extracts of Lemongrass and Jojoba oil that is the perfect rejuvenator for your skin.
  • Soft Exfoliated Skin – The exfoliation beads in the Shower Gel gently exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and glowing.
  • Supple skin – It contains Skin Conditioners and Moisture Lock it helps to retain moisture of the skin to make it softer, smoother and supple.
  • The soft, buttery gel lathers well on the skin and washes away dirt to make it clean and clear.
  • Target Audience: Men & Women. Skin Type: All Skin Types

250 ml, 550 ml