Fair Lovely Sun Protect Cream / फेअर लव्हली सन प्रोटेक्ट क्रीम


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  • Fair & Lovely Sun Protect is a 2-in-1 face cream with SPF 30 and Vitamin B3 for Instant Glow + Sun Protection
  • 30 times longer sun protection so that you can have fun in the sun, without worrying about getting tanned!
  • Protects you from harmful sun rays which causes Sun Tan, Sun Spots and Sun burn
  • Step out with confidence even in the harshest sun (even between 10am – 3pm) without worrying about spoiling your glow
  • It’s matte texture leaves your face feeling non-oily and bright through the day!
  • Remember to apply 10 mins before stepping out in the sun and re-apply every 2 hours to keep glowing
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