Colgate Gentle Enamel Ultra Soft / कोलगेट जेंनटल इनॅमल अल्ट्रा सॉफ्ट


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  • olgate Gentle Ultrafoam Toothbrush is an ultra-soft toothbrush specially designed or the gentlest care for your teeth. This super-soft toothbrush offers an enriched highly sensorial foaming experience that polishes teeth and massages gums
  • The entire Colgate Gentle Toothbrush range is endorsed by the IDA and specially designed with Dentists to offer an expert gentle clean
  • Colgate Gentle Ultrafoam Toothbrush is a brush with 5,000 ultra-soft bristles which are gentle on your teeth and gums and provides superior clean teeth. The tapered bristle technology provides 6x deeper reach to effectively remove plaque
  • The small and rounded head shape enables easy access to gently clean your back teeth
  • New Patented Belgium bristle technology enables both high-performance foaming and a powerful clean. This technologically-enhanced toothbrush generates 7x denser foam than an ordinary toothbrush and has 5000+ ultra-soft bristles for a superior foam
  • This super-soft toothbrush is available in 4 attractive pastel colours
  • Brush twice a day as recommended by Dentists. Highly recommended to be used by people with sensitive teeth and gums
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