Britannia Bourbon / ब्रिटानिया बोर्बन


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Britannia Bourbon Chocolate Cream is a delightful combination of smooth chocolate cream with crunchy chocolate biscuits topped with sparkling sugar crystals. Every bite of these delicious, chocolaty and indulgent cookies entices you for more and more. The satisfying and rich taste of chocolate enclosed in crispy, crunchy biscuits gives you a mouth-watering experience.Britannia biscuits, cookies, cakes and rusk are a perfect companion for your tea. Believing in delivering fresh and healthy products, Britannia India manufactures some of India’s favourite brands like Good Day, Tiger, NutriChoice, Bourbon, Milk Bikis and Marie Gold.

biscuit & coockis

100gm, 120 gm, 150gm, 60gm