Bottle Gourd / दुधी भोपळा


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A popular north Indian dish is lauki channa, (channa dal and diced gourd in a semi-dry gravy). In the state of Maharashtra in India, a similar preparation called dudhi channa is popular. The skin of the vegetable is used in making a dry spicy chutney preparation. It is consumed in Assam with fish curries, as boiled vegetable curry and also fried with potato and tomatoes. Lauki kheer (grated bottle gourd, sugar and milk preparation) is a dessert from Telangana, usually prepared for festive occasions. In Andhra Pradesh it is called Anapakaya and is used to make Anapakaya pulusu (with tamarind juice), Anapakaya Palakura(curry with milk and spices) and Anapakaya Pappu (with lentils) Lau chingri, a dish prepared with bottle gourd and prawn, is popular in West Bengal. Elsewhere in India Indian Muslims calls it kaddu in Urdu and it is consumed as a dish with rice or roti for its medicinal benefits.

Bottle gourd, opo squash,
White gourd
Lauki, ghia Suraikai Sorakaya, aanapakaya Halu
Kumbal kai
Dudhi Dhave dudhi,

Doodhi Bhopala   Dudhi Bhopala

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