Axe Signature Suave Perfume / अ‍ॅक्स सिग्नेचर सुवे परफ्यूम


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  • 3X more perfume*
  • Attract everyone around you with your debonair charm when you strut with a whiff of masculine smelling air. Enjoy a refreshing day with this sensual scent that leaves you refreshed.
  • Classic, warm, & aromatic fragrance. Warm & aromatic, this fragrance gives you an exhilarated feel when you dab it.
  • Have aromatic compounds as herbaceous & spicy note, mimosa flower.
  • An irresistible mixture of aromatic compounds such as a blend of herbaceous & spicy notes & mimosa flower, the Axe Signature Suave Eau de Perfume uplifts the free spirit.
  • Long lasting body perfume. Enjoy a refreshing day with this sensual perfume that prevents body odor & keeps you going.
  • Fragrances crafted by legendary perfumers behind global bestsellers.
  • Keeps body odour away
  • Classic, warm and aromatic fragrance
  • Mix of Mimosa, fresh herbs and spices.
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